Our #CreativeAutumn programme offers up FIVE Craft Packs are created by some incredible artists and are designed to help those who are isolated feel better connected. These craft packs are for people in Sunderland and South Tyneside who may be isolated, alone and use arts and crafts to engage them through regular support in the creative endeavours.

Find out more below then book a place by emailing info@theculturalspring.org.uk or calling 07469 030256 (Mon-Thur 10am-4pm) otherwise leave a message.

Please note all craft packs are Pay What You Feel and there is a limit of one craft pack selection per person. We do this because we want as many people as possible to benefit from these.


Let’s create a relaxing and simply stitched hand sewn project where all the pieces can be displayed individually as mini wall hangings, tree decorations or even be given as gifts. Alternatively, they can be strung together along a wall, above a door as festive seasonal bunting.

Over a 3 month period, participants will receive 3 packs, each one containing 2 elements: a rectangle of recycled vintage fabric onto which various fabric motifs are stitched with added embellishments like buttons, beads and charms; and a smaller partially padded ‘fun item’.

There will be tumbling autumn leaves and a baby owl in pack 1; a ‘pukka’ pumpkin and glitzy bat in pack 2; a winter landscape and a little Nordic house in pack 3 along with the optional hanging thread and extras for a bit of individual personalisation! 

The packs are suitable for everyone as detailed advice is provided with little hand drawn diagrams and regular telephone support is offered along the way! All the materials are included in the packs.

It will be a lovely seasonal project to do as the nights draw in. Let’s have fun with fabrics!


These Eco Craft Packs are designed to inspire well-being and self-care as we head into Autumn and the nights start to get darker. These craft packs are environmentally friendly and will give people the opportunity to sit down, relax and soak in the therapeutic benefits of crafting.

o End of September – Pack 1 – Make your own willow lantern to welcome in the dark nights.

o Mid October -Pack 2 – Make your own lavender sleep pouch. 

o Mid November-Pack 3 – Make Your Own Wind Chime.

o Early December-Pack 4 – Make your own dream catch, to be ready early December

Due to the funding we receive, these workshops are for people living in South Tyneside and Sunderland.


The Autumn creative craft activity kits are supplied monthly for four months.

September Craft: Will contain basic book binding kit; comes with all materials to make a basic small book, you can complete the book with colourful backing paper or in October’s kit you can complete a book cover.

Octobers Craft: Contains everything you need to make a needle felted book cover. The cover can be used with the previous kit or on a small book of your choice.

November: This kit will show step by step instructions on basic embroidery decoration and applique, you can make a card or use the skills to decorate the book cover from the previous months kit.

December: Contains all of the materials needed to make a beaded bookmark.

Craft kits come with full step by step instructions.

Pack 1 (September) – basic book-binding skills

Pack 2 (October) – needle felting book cover, this can be used with the previous book binding or it can be used on a book of your choice.

Pack 3 (November) – basic appliqué and embroidery skills, learners can use this on the previous needle felting book cover kit or you can make a card which will be enclosed in the kit

Pack 4 (December) – a felt and bead bookmark


Join Angela Reed, from Creative Calligraphy, to explore the art of beautiful writing. In three monthly packages, Angela will guide you through a simple calligraphy script using a broad-edged pen and set fun challenges designed to encourage your practice. Your skills will grow from forming basic strokes to being able to create your own word art – and you’ll have a relaxing new hobby.


Four packs will introduce four different crafts, combining a mixture of techniques and offer a range of options so that participants can adapt to their level of confidence or the amount of time they have to dedicate to their projects. Whilst the four makes don’t necessarily combine into a final piece, the techniques and skills learned over the sessions would support the final pack. Each pack comes with full instructions, supporting video tutorials and a what’s app group to ask questions or share the makes.

Week 1 – Paper crafts

Ease yourself in with our colourful & creative paper crafts inspired by things up in the sky

Week 2 – Wool Crafts

Try your hand at wool weaving, & learn how to make pom poms. Then we’ll guide you through how to transform these pom poms into a rainbow sheep mobile!

Week 3 – Macrame

We’ll introduce you to the art of macrame, learning some of the basic techniques to make a creation for your home

Week 4 – Hot Air Balloon Lantern

Use all of the skills from the previous three weeks to create your own hot air balloon, weave your own basket & add special final touches.


These workshops are offered by The Cultural Spring and subsidised by Arts Council England.

Our #CreativeAutumn workshop programme operates on a ‘Pay What You Feel’ model. This is part of our effort to encourage more people to get involved in arts and cultural activities. This means we don’t include a charge on the workshops upfront to ensure that cost isn’t a factor that deters anyone from taking part. This also removes the risk of paying for something that you might not enjoy. It does mean, if you do enjoy it, and can afford to pay more, you can. We want great arts and culture to be for all people, not just those that can afford it.

If you enjoy the workshops and would like to make a payment to support the running costs, this is greatly received. You’ll receive details to do so or you can also make donations at any time through our website.

In order to ensure our online spaces stay safe for everyone involved, we ask you to familiarise yourself with our workshop Code Of Conduce which can be found on our website, alongside a series of FAQs. If your question still hasn’t been answered, please email us on info@theculturalspring.org.uk.

If you have any questions, please contact info@theculturalspring.org.uk.

If you enjoyed the online workshops and would like to make a payment to support the running costs, this is greatly received.  We’ve suggested some amounts below and you can simply click the amount you’d like to pay and complete the details (this payment will be processed by Stripe). If the amount you want to pay isn’t there, we suggest using the ‘Pay What You Decide – £1‘ option and adjusting the quantity to suit.

Please note there is no obligation to make a payment. 

Creating a safe online space

In order to ensure our online spaces stay safe for everyone involved, we ask you to familiarise yourself with our workshop Code of Conduct.

Got a question?

Please refer to our FAQs for more information. If your question still hasn’t been answered, please email us on info@theculturalspring.org.uk.