Over the last few months Introductions has taken place in South Tyneside and has seen three South Shields based organisations work alongside three regional artists to create artistic and creative work that showcased the organisation and the work that they do.

The main purpose of Introductions was to introduce artists and local companies and businesses that may not of thought of working with each other before. The project involved three short, paid residencies, during which the artists and organisations worked together to develop an idea for a project or longer residency. The work was then produced through workshops, photographs and a video. The work was then shown at Haven Point in South Shields in a free exhibition that took place over five days.

The three collaborations were: film-maker Julie Ballands and Age Concern Tyneside South (ACTS); Northumberland-based artist and photographer Jose Snook and befriending service Happy at Home; and animator and film-maker Sheryl Jenkins and St Clare’s Hospice.

You can see the process of Introductions in the video below by Candle and Bell