Commissioned in 2015 by The Cultural Spring working in collaboration with Events international and Southpaw Dance Company, RUSH was a mass-movement large-scale dance performance  inspired by mass protest.

For 6 months dance workshops led by professionals from Southpaw were held across the Cultural Spring Wards exploring themes such as zero-hour contracts, child poverty and Government cutbacks through an artistic alternative to anti-social behaviour and violent protest.

The workshops gave people the chance to not only take part in the final performance of the project and be taught by dance professionals but to also have their voices heard and influence the themes it tackled.

The final mass-participation piece was performed on the evening of Easter Sunday of 2015. It followed the stories of three distinct characters: a zero hours worker; a young mother, and a homeless man.

Around one hundred local amateur dancers, six professional dancers, coloured dust, flares, a water cannon and a video produced by animation company Novak which was projected onto St Hilda’s Engine Shed made up the 40 minute performance which was enjoyed by an audience of more than 550 people.

RUSH performance poster screen


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