Letters to myself
Funded through the Cultural Springs research and development scheme Letters To Myself took the form of both a participatory arts project and theatre show. It focused around themes of self-reflection, self-value, collective knowledge and experiences and was created by producer Becci Sharok and participation lead Rachael Holgate.

For 6 months they engaged with participants across the ten Cultural Springs wards in Sunderland and South Tyneside. They hosted writing workshops, informal group discussions and travelled with their, ‘mobile living room’ where they invited communities in the region to get involved.

The project encouraged participants to write letters to their past, present or future selves answering questions such as what do you wish you could say to yourself? What do you wish everyone knew? Or what would you like to say to your loved ones?

Ranging from the short, humorous and light hearted to the long, introspective and thoughtful the letters covered all manner of topics and personal experiences which were used to piece together the final performance at the Arts Centre Washington on the 8th September.

To find out when and where the next performance or letter writing session is and for more information about the project visit the Letters to Myself website www.letterstomyself.org.uk

Letters to myself2