We are looking for an evaluator

For our Phase Three we are looking to engage an evaluator (or team of evaluators) that can work within our existing Theory of Change model but to also interrogate our approach to engagement. Our desired outcomes for this evaluation are:

  • Tells the story of the impact of our programme on individuals and communities.
  • Produce an evaluation that is clear on the benefits and legacy of The Cultural Spring project within the regional and the national context.
  • Make evaluation accessible to all and suitable to a wide range of audiences.
  • Provide a formative and summative report that could assist us to share our impact and when applying for funding.
We want to ensure that the evaluation captures the impact of our work across South Tyneside and Sunderland:

  • Communities – The impact on people in communities;
  • What motivates people to come along?
  • Are we reaching the non-engagers
  • Are we building confidence in people through our work?
  • Are we the entry point to cultural and arts activity?
  • Data – The relationship between what the internal data analysis and the external evaluation data tells us.
  • Context -The impacts of The Cultural Spring in the wider context of Sunderland and South Tyneside
  • Vision – The extent to which The Cultural Spring has achieved its ten year vision
  • We revisited and refreshed our Vision and Mission statements in 2017 with our current evaluators and implemented a Theory of Change approach to the programme’s evaluation. Our Theory of Change (ToC) is underpinned and links back to our overall vision to increase arts engagement.

    This evaluation framework enables us to measure whether we have supported more people to choose, create and take part in brilliant art experiences, assess the number of newcomers/those least engaged in the arts and report on which approaches have been most successful and why and what lessons can be learned. We would envisage this method of evaluation continuing for Phase 3.

    Connections to be made throughout evaluation:

    • Participants – including the Cultural Spring Community Champions
    • Artists / Arts Organisations
    • Community Organisations / venues
    • The Steering Group (made up of Consortium Partners and others)
    • The Cultural Spring staff
    • Critical Friend


    Enter into regular dialogue with the team. Build a relationship of trust to work with the team on the emerging learning. This will include:

    • Two interim reports to be produced each year, 2021, 2022 and a final report in 2023
    • A final evaluation report on Phase three by March 2023 that can be shared publicly.
    • Review and feed in to our quarterly monitoring processes, as and when requested.
    • Attend sessions with the team up to three times per year
    • Attend at least one meeting per year with the Steering Group to present interim reports on the evaluation.
    • Build relationships through regular contact with artists and community champions to ensure that we track their ‘story’ over the three years. This can be by phone, email and face to face interview.
    • Attendance at relevant CPP conferences (subject to funding).
    • Link with the Critical Friend
    • Link with the National Evaluation of CPP, for example sign up to Workplace our internal communications platform

    Quotation process

    To apply for the role of Evaluator please provide the following information:
    * A CV or company biography
    * An outline of the approach you would take to the role ( max 2000 words) including your evaluation methodology and your approach to presenting information gathered
    * Indicative timetable for the work
    * Confirmation of number of days proposed over the three years, including costs/fees per day
    * Contact details for two referees


    Please email your proposal and quote to emma.scarr@theculturalspring.org.uk by 5pm Friday, 27th March 2020.

    Selection Process

    The criteria for selecting our evaluator(s)

    • Knowledge, skills and experience that demonstrate the best fit with the role description.
    • Clarity of approach for delivering the contract.
    • Value for money.
    • For further information please contact: emma.scarr@theculturalspring.org.uk