Volunteering with The Cultural Spring

To help deliver our diverse range of events and community arts workshops The Cultural Spring has a volunteer programme.

We’ll always aim to make the volunteering experience mutually beneficial. By volunteering you are also helping yourself develop a wide range of skills that will assist you in your future career. You could learn new skills or develop ones you already have. Volunteering also helps build confidence and communication skills and could provide employment opportunities by meeting people in the industries in which you’d like to work. By volunteering you’re also showing future employers that you are committed and open to new and varied challenges.

So, on a typical outdoor event what do volunteers do?

You will complete a brief induction on the site layout and activities. We will supply you with a hi-vis jacket or bib so you can be easily identified by The Cultural Spring team and the public. We will always ask you in advance what interests you and we will then try and match you with an appropriate role. We may ask you to do something like hand out brochures, which may not sound exciting, but you need to remember that your will often be the first person the public meets so your attitude has to be right.

Unless you have been CRB/DBS checked by us at no point will you be in sole charge of anyone under the age of 16. The Cultural Spring will take all reasonable measures to create a safe working environment for volunteers. A professional crowd safety and security contractor is always employed at our events. Security Staff are trained and equipped to intervene in any anti-social situations. We will never ask a volunteer to undertake any role that requires security or first aid training.

At our The Great North Passion event, a joint live broadcast with the BBC on Easter weekend, our volunteers worked as stage managers with BBC crew and also provided support to our participants throughout the rehearsals leading up to the live event. Being a volunteer can be challenging, especially when dealing with the public, it requires patience, enthusiasm and flexibility.

Rosie Marsh

rosie“The Cultural Spring is great because it gives people of all ages and abilities the chance to get involved in the arts and to try something new.
It’s also good experience for anyone wishing to pursue a career in the arts as you can get involved with various workshops and festivals.
I was part of the Summer Streets Festival team and helped organise the music workshops, which was very exciting and gave me further confidence in organising, planning and communicating effectively with members of the public. I’d recommend anyone to become a volunteer.”

Still interested?