Volunteering with The Cultural Spring

To help deliver our diverse range of events and community arts workshops The Cultural Spring has a volunteer programme.

We’ll always aim to make the volunteering experience mutually beneficial. By volunteering, you are also helping yourself develop a wide range of skills that will assist you in your future career. You could learn new skills or develop ones you already have. Volunteering also helps build confidence and communication skills and could provide employment opportunities by meeting people in the industries in which you’d like to work. By volunteering, you’re also showing future employers that you are committed and open to new and varied challenges.

We have had many volunteering opportunities over the last few years such as at Great North Passion, RUSH, Summer Streets, WordPlay, the Cultural Spring Creative Space and more. These projects saw volunteers work with musicians, professional dancers, performers, the public and artists and more.

Below is what some of our volunteers have to say about their experience:

Masumah: Sunderland College Student

The experienced I gained and enjoyed most was interacting with people. Encouraging children and parents/ guidance participate in activities and being involved with Cultural Spring.  I would like to be involved in the future.

Beth: Sunderland College Student

It was extremely fun to meet new business and find out more about what Sunderland have to offer for all different ages. It was a different learning experience to see what Sunderland offers and what they have previously done, I wouldn’t have had this experience anywhere else.

Current Opportunities

Your Art Community Connector

To support the groups involved in our Your Art: Community Commissions scheme, we’re assembling a small team of Your Art Community Connectors. 

The role of the Your Art Community Connectors will be flexible, but will likely include:

  • Selecting the community groups that are supported
  • Liaising with the community groups as projects are delivered
  • Supporting the evaluation and monitoring of projects
  • Signposting the groups to future funding
  • Acting as the main point of contact between The Cultural Spring and the community group/organisation

Training will be provided and The Cultural Spring project team will also be available to support the Your Art Community Connectors. This would be a volunteer role, but expenses would be covered.

Register to be a Your Art Community Connector.

Still interested?