Our Community Champions

The Cultural Spring’s Community Champions are a network of people passionate about the arts in their local community and who will work with us to help shape the project.

Everyone can get involved – whether it be by spreading the word about Cultural Spring projects in your neighbourhood; helping us to decide what art we programme; curate and commission; taking the lead in developing new activities; helping to advocate for more arts activity locally; taking part in cultural trips to theatres galleries and festivals across the North East, or getting involved in local training about managing arts projects.

Some of these opportunities will be paid and some will be on a voluntary basis.

Join our Community Champion Forum.

If you would like to find out more please email Michael Barrass or call 0191 427 8197.

Lucyanne Mackie, Cultural Spring Community Champion

CS-Lucyanne-site“Being involved with the Cultural Spring Project has been such a positive experience for me in many ways. Initially it was a pleasure to become absorbed in lots of different art and music taster sessions, it really reminded me how much I enjoyed both the creative input as well as getting together with like-minded people in the community.

Before long I realised that I was watching other people as well as myself grow in confidence under the gentle and reassuring guidance of the artists leading the sessions. What participants do and don’t want to have a go at is valued, and ideas for new taster sessions are encouraged. The emphasis really does seem to be upon enjoyment and self discovery without pressure, and there have been many hilarious moments.

It was a completely unexpected pleasure to be invited on to the selection panel for meeting and interviewing potential artists for upcoming events. It was an opportunity to observe both the talent being sourced and their approach to involving the community. It was good to know that community input is important to The Cultural Spring and that there is continuing provision for representation.

On a more personal note, it has been a wonderful opportunity to revisit some of the Arts, and because I have only recently moved back to the North East, an opportunity to make new friends. The Cultural Spring has opened up avenues for me to further pursue areas of interest such as exploring art, joining a choir, playing the penny whistle and more lately, the ukulele.

I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next, and I can really recommend getting involved.”