Wear Experimenting was a project devised by local artist and photographer Jo Howell and commissioned by The Cultural Spring and the North East Photography Network. The project engaged the people of Sunderland in a series of photography experiments, intended to explore the cross-currents of creativity shared by photography and science and to invite the public to share their experience of life in the city. Experiments asked questions relating to the natural and physical environment, social, domestic and work life and health and well-being of the city and its residents.

Residents of Sunderland participated in free workshops in Pallion, Millfield and Hendon and there were opportunities to encounter the project through a pop-up community darkroom which appeared in the community and social green spaces.

A key strand of Wear Experimenting was online participation, an invitation extended to the public to create specific images relating to life in the city between June – November 2018. Each month, a photographic ‘recipe’ or directive was issued to the city’s residents and the images were shared across social media, building up a rich image bank and data set.

To find out more about the project please visit:


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Email at wearexperimenting@gmail.com

Artist Jo Howells at #wearexperimenting exhibition opens at Mackie’s Corner 8/11/18 Pic by Craig Leng

Mackie’s Corner

Wear Experimenting headed to Mackie’s Corner, High Street West, Sunderland on 8th November until 1st December 2018 for an exciting programme of photography and image workshops with Jo and other artists. There was also the Wear Experimenting exhibition which showcased images taken by the public throughout the project.

Wear Experimenting Online Experiments

Join WearExperimenting for 3 exciting online photography experiments! We want you to get involved and share your images with us.

  • Can you make a photograph of your mood?
  • Can you take a photograph that describes living and/or working in Sunderland?
  • What does Sunderland sound like?

All of the submissions created and using the hashtag #wearexperimenting will appear on the Wear Experimenting website.

For the full details on the experiments please visit the website

Watch the video above by Roar Motion on the full information on the online experiments.