Letters to myself

Letters to Myself is a new participatory arts project and theatre show. It is, at its heart, a letter writing project that hopes to give participants and later, audiences, an opportunity for self-reflection. The project looks at what we would say to our past, present or future selves, what we wish we could say to the people we love or just what we wish everyone knew.

It explores ideas of self-value, self-reflection and collective knowledge and experience. We’ll be providing a 6 month programme of activity which will include writing workshops, informal group conversations and a ‘mobile living room’ which is designed to be set up in public spaces within the community. We will also be doing some similar activity on a much smaller scale in Lancaster as part of Hear Me Roar festival in March.

The final stage of the project will be a new theatre show that will weave text from the letters into a verbatim style piece, with stories and experiences given a narrative structure and joined through common themes (love, sex, friends, families, decisions etc.) The piece will be a loving protest against our critical inner voice, recognition of our mistakes and shared regret and a celebration of our daily triumphs.

Find out more at www.letterstomyself.org.uk

Letters to myself2