Wee Red and Her Wolf


Wee Red and Her Wolf is a badly behaved tale for brave souls aged seven and over.

I’d like to tell you a story. No, that’s not quite right. I’d like you to help me tell a story; a juice, messy, badly behaved story that refuses to stick to the plan. Our hero is a wee girl called Wee Red.

Red is being watched. Her big brother Ivar never lets her out of his sight, “she’s all I’ve got”, he worries. Even when she goes to Granny Gonk’s deep in the forest a complex system of periscopes means she’s always under the adults’ watchful gaze. Well, almost always; apart from when she scoots into the bend, then, just for a moment she’s free to explore. But there are other eyes in the forest, and Wee Red is still being watched.

In this storytelling event author Laura Lindow will read Wee Red and Her Wolf. The story will include ideas and sounds contributed by young people in South Tyneside, and there will be times when Laura will need your help, your wolf aversion skills, to bring the story to life. You can join in the joiny-in bits or just sit and listen, it’s entirely up to you.

After the story has been told we’ll have a tasty lunch together and you’ll get to try a bowl of Granny Gonk’s special soup.


For more information please contact Emma Scarr.