The Annual (Inaugural) Walter Plinge Memorial Lecture

(given) by Eric MacLennan


This years inaugural lecture is presented with accompanying slides and finger buffet that both reveal the un-official history of South Tyneside…its people; its cuisine; its cutlery – amazing stories – many of which have actually happened!

Most of the TRUE stories in this lecture are unbelievable! The made-up ones are more plausible. See if you can tell which is which?

South Tyneside is well-known for its stunning coastline and renowned industrial heritage, but did you know that that it is also the birthplace of Modernism and Rowlocks?

This informal talk will set out to cast some light on “Walter Plinge” (a Sanddancer) largely unknown today – who deserves recognition for his influence on the lives of so many.

This lecture will change the way you see the world.  At this lecture you will learn how to tackle a cocktail sausage in any social gathering without fear of faux pas or risk of gaffe.

WARNING… This performance contains traces of TRUTH and FICTION.

See the video by Maya Avidov below:

Biography of Eric MacLennan

Eric MacLennan has been making innovative performance work for nearly thirty years.  During this time he has worked as an actor and director with many world class companies including DV8 Physical Theatre; David Glass Ensemble; V-TOL; Citizens Theatre Glasgow; Red Shift; Manchester Royal Exchange; Bristol Old Vic; Theatre of Comedy Company; Royal National Theatre Studio; Boilerhouse; Volcano; Lumiere & Son; Shunt; Station House Opera; National Theatre of Scotland and the Young Vic.  Over the last ten years he has been creating his own distinctive work whose practice occupies a unique space somewhere between theatre, movement and the visual arts.

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