Garry Hunter – Great North Passion / Autumn Lights

Garry Hunter – Great North Passion / Autumn Lights / R&D

Visual artist, creative producer and author of books on street art, Garry is Director of the Arts Programme at the Old Boiler House, Trinity Buoy Wharf, where he is currently designing a Faraday Cage sonic interface to capture visual representations of dialect that migrated from Denmark to eastern England.

Garry founded Fitzrovia Noir Community Interest Company in 2011, to work with people on the edges of society and was a lead artist for The Great North Passion, where he worked with the Biddick Hall community – where he grew up – on a site-responsive photographic installation that travelled to Brazil in 2015 and is shown in Our First Three Years Exhibition South Shields and Sunderland in 2017.

He also led on Street Art Heroes for The Cultural Spring’s Autumn Lights and continued his practice of unearthing ciphers in the urban landscape with ‘CU’ a Cultural Spring R&D project, followed by workshops at The Word, making 3D printed representations of lost local architectural features.

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