Emma Scarr

Emma Scarr is our Project Coordinator and her main focus on finance, contracting and reporting for The Cultural Spring activities.

Emma’s previous employments have focused on events management, the inclusion of arts strategies and artists within small to large building and regeneration projects in the North East, North West, Scotland and Ireland. Though the main scope of her work has been the provision and inclusion of arts strategies, her responsibilities have evolved to include community and business advocacy.

Before moving to the North East Emma worked as Visual Arts Officer in Carlow, Ireland where she worked on a successful series of community outreach projects as part of Visualise, a programme of contemporary art projects, engaging with artists from Europe, China, Australia and America. Emma was a Board member of Carlow Arts Festival for two years and lectured on Art History in local community college.

Emma will support delivery of the Cultural Spring and its productions. She works closely with the core project team to manage projects, contract artists, support commissioning and procurement processes, manage data collection, finance for the project and information dissemination.