Be inspired by The Cultural Spring

Video by Andrew Hagan

The Cultural Spring is an exciting, ambitious project to get more people in Sunderland and South Tyneside to experience and be inspired by the arts.

We’ve been working with the best local, regional and national artists to ensure our programme really engages, enthuses, entertains and educates the 100,000 people living in our wards.

Arts Council England is funding the project for three years, but our aim is to leave a lasting legacy of communities with a genuine and abiding interest in the arts.

The project is driven by four partners – The University of Sunderland, The Customs House, the Sunderland Music, Arts and Culture Trust and Sangini– all of whom are passionate about igniting a Cultural Spring in our wards.

These wards are Hendon, Millfield, Pallion, Sandhill and St Anne’s in Sunderland, and Horsley Hill, Beacon and Bents, Simonside and Rekendyke, Monkton and Bede in South Tyneside.

Take a look below at all the projects, exhibitions and workshops we have commissioned over the last three years:




We are one of 21 Creative People and Places projects, funded by Arts Council England.

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